Best Practices

Seshadripuram College believes that excellence and pride are not one time goals but a consistent process which involves healthy and worthy practices.

Mentoring and Counselling

Mentor system is introduced in the college to closely monitor and motivate students. As per this system 20 students are assigned to a lecturer who would act as a mentor and monitor the progress of the students. Each student's academic profile is updated to the concerned parents.

We believe that personal attention is immensely significant in the overall development of a personality. By providing that we try to keep our pupils motivated.

PTA Meetings

Periodical parent-teacher meetings are conducted and each student is counselled along with the parent. Faculties encourage students to work hard, improve behaviour and to become responsible.

Staff Meetings

The college conducts periodical staff meetings on a regular basis. Discussions are made regarding the improvement of the college, overall development of the students, results, career growth, value added programmes, remedial classes for slow learners, student welfare etc.