Co-Curricular Activities

NCC: SET institutions have an active NCC unit of their own. Our college students are using this facility with passion. Every year, a large number of boys and girls attend the NCC camps and adventure activities. A large number of students are awarded the prestigious 'B-Certificates' every year and they attend Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.

Magazine: The College brings out a magazine every year to give expression to creative writings of the students. It usually Covers all the activities thar are conducted during that academic year including academic peformance.

For decades, the college has been organising lectures and seminars on issues of public relevance inviting experts and distinguished persons.

Cultural Activities: For decades the college has consistently encouraging the students to participate in Inter-Collegiate Cultural and Literary competitions. This initiative of the college has contributed enormously for the all-round development of the students personality and the growth of talents.

The college has cultural department which constantly encourages students to bring out their talents in cultural and literary activities.

As per the guidelines of Govt. of Karnataka and Director of Pre-University Education Board, students were taken to a special screening of Kannada movie. "Kranthiveera Sangoli Rayanna", on 20th of December.

Cultural events started with colour week from 10th September to 15th September 2012 where students were asked to where one colour everyday. The respective colour swept the college campus magnificently.

Various celebrations such as "Independence Day, Sir M. Visveshwaraiah Jayanthi, World Peace Day, Ganesha Chaturthi, Kannada Rajyotsava, and National Security Day have been long traditions of SPUC.

Our college in association with kannada and Cultural Department of Govt. of Karnataka, organized - "Haadire raagagala, tugeere deepagala" a special programme where singers from Chamarajanagar and Dharwad districts were invited to render Goravana Kunitha Songs and Dollinapada. It played a dual role of encouraging such artists and also introducing our students to the now forgotten rich singing tradition of our State.

The students eagerly look forward to the college Annual Day Programme which provides an opportunity for a large number of students to present their cultural talents.

The college organizes annual tours, picnics for students to enhance their knowledge and cool their nerves.

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