Support Facilities


The cafeteria serves quality refreshments and beverages to the student community and staff members. The canteen offers best snacks and south Indian cuisine at affordable prices.


Seshadripuram Educational Trust is generous in extending free medical treatment to students or any staff of the college. In case of emergencies, minor injuries, a doctor is always available to tend to the needs of staff and students.


We, at Seshadripuram PU Main College take students and staff security as our commitment. We believe that it is vital to create a productive learning environment. The college has a security office located right next to the main entrance of the college. Security persons are always on work 24/7. The college is also under CCTV surveillance.

Elevator Facility

In order to have comfort of quick movement through different floors of the college, elevator facility is provided for both staff members and differently abled students.

Drinking Water - ROUV

The college provides clean and hygienic drinking water facility. The entire campus is facilitated with pure reverse osmosis drinking water in every block.


CCTV cameras are installed in all the classrooms and corridors to ensure safety on campus.