Financial Assistance

The following are the various possibilities of financial assistance to students. They are requested to be on the look out for information on the notice board.

  1. Government of India National Merit Scholarship.
  2. Government of India National Scholarship for Primary and Secondary School Teacher's Children.
  3. Government of India Hindi Scholarship.
  4. Government of India Post Metric Scholarships for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Class Students.
  5. Government of India Post Metric Scholarships for Lower Income Group Students.
  6. Scholarships to the Children of Service Personnel in the Army, the Air Force and the Navy.
  7. Special Scholarship to the Children of Government Servants who die while in service.
  8. Political Sufferer's Children Scholarships.
  9. Sanskrit Scholarships awarded by Rastria Sanskrit Samasthan.
  10. Poverty-cum-Progress Scholarship.
  11. Students Aid Fund.
  12. Scholarship to the students of Backward Communities.

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