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All applications for issue of certificates must be addressed to the Principal in the prescribed proforma which will be issued in the college office. If the certificate has to be sent by post they have to produce a self addressed envelope affixing appropiate postal stamp.

  1. Generally certificates will not be issued on less than 48 hour notice.
  2. Duplicate Certificates will not be issued.
  3. The Transfer Certificate is not issued to a student, but sent to the College or Institution where the student has secured admission. Application for the T. C. should be made through the Principal of the College where admission has been secured. The Transfer Certificate will not be sent if the student has any dues to the College. by way of fees, fine, books from the library, etc.

    A Migration Certificate should be obtained by a student only when he / she joins another University which will be issued by the Director of Pre-University Board. To obtain the Migration Certificate, a 'No Due' Certificate from the College should be enclosed along with the application.

  4. Copies of certificate may be attested by a Gazetted Officer or by the Head of a Department of any College and not necessarily by the Principal.

    Student applying for Certificates, testimonials and other documents requiring the Principal's signature should contact the concerned clerk since all details have to be verified before the documents are signed.

Code of Conduct:

  1. In case of absence the candidate has to produce a Medical Certificate or a letter from the parents with valid reasons.
  2. Inattentiveness, indifference in respect of any subject during any lesson and any aversion towards studies will be viewed with seriousness and proper action will be taken against such students.
  3. Every student shall fully abide by the rules laid down by the college and shall be responsible for maintaining excellent discipline in the college.
  4. Students should handle and protect college property with great care. Those students who tamper, damage or destroy any college property will have to pay the cost in full.
  5. Admission to the next higher class in the College is not automatic but is subject to the overall satisfactory progress, behavior and conduct of the student in conformity with the tradition and rules of the college. Students guilty of indiscipline will not be admitted to the next higher class in the college even if they pass the public examination.

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